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We deliver innovative, competitively priced products as well as unrivalled expertise and experience in the field of agritech, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and vertical farming.

Introducing the innovative AMAS range

All our systems include our unique AMAS Controller

AMAS Mini Farm

Growing Capacity: Offers 12

AMAS Refit Kit

Growing Capacity: Offers 63

AMAS Container

Growing Capacity: Offers 63

AMAS Chamber

Growing Capacity: Offers 180

AMAS BioCube

Growing Capacity: Offers 360

Bespoke Design & Consultancy Service

With our extensive knowledge and experience within the Agritech sector, we are able to provide unrivalled design and consultancy services, which include, agritech design, renewable energy as well as finance / funding options.

Equipment Options

We are also able to supply individual equipment options to your own individual requirements. Whether you need lighting, racking or control systems, we are able to provide you with all relevant equipment.



Control Systems


Our Current Partners

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