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The AMAS BioCube

Each AMAS BioCube unit offers 360 m² growing capacity per unit

(Multiple AMAS BioCube units can be configured to offer unlimited capacity)

The AMAS BioCube system includes our unique AMAS Controller

The AMAS BioCube facility is quite simply an unrivalled turnkey solution for indoor farming.

It is a pre-designed, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular building,
which is equipped with bespoke vertical farming systems.

This includes everything to start growing, including climate control systems, dosing systems etc
all of which are controlled by the AMAS Controller.

The AMAS BioCube unit is designed to reduce project timelines from years
to only months anywhere in the world.

In addition, due to its unique modular design, clients can scale up the facility
as the business expands, by simply adding additional units.

What’s included with the AMAS BioCube

The building framework, walls, ceiling and roof are prefabricated in modular format,
enabling fast and efficient on-site assembly.

The complete vertical farming system is also prefabricated which includes:

Artificial climate control system
Irrigation (dosing) system
Power supply centre 

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project and will coordinate
the production, shipment, assembly, and testing to ensure efficient deployment and smooth operation.

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