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The AMAS Chamber

Offers 180 m² of growing capacity

The AMAS Chamber includes our unique AMAS Controller

Key benefits of the AMAS Chamber Farm

The AMAS Chamber is a premier prefabricated, mass market growing solution,
with a footprint of 15.6 m x 3.8 m, designed for CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) cultivation.

The unit ultilises ease of construction methods which delivers an excellent growing environment.

The AMAS Chamber is ideal for highly specialised/high quality crops.

It is larger than the AMAS Container Farm, however still offers a scalable modular construction.

The unit utilises a state-of-the-art HVAC solution including HEPA filters and UV Sterilisation.

Dimensions (m)

15.6 m x 3.8 m

Growing Area


Floor Space


What’s included within the AMAS Chamber

The AMAS Chamber includes:

Two full size VAX aeroponic systems, complete with fertigator.

 The VAX aeroponic systems easily moved due to them being literally on rails.

By using the tracking system you’re able to move the entire racks with
very little effort, thereby creating corridors on either side of both racks.

Each AMAS Chamber is modular constructed.

Each unit is insulated with high density marine grade materials.

Due to it’s modular design its easy to erect an AMAS Chamber within pre-
existing buildings such as warehouses, farm outbuildings etc.

Indoor Air Dynamics within the AMAS Chamber

One of the key features of the AMAS Chamber Farm, is the indoor air dynamic design.

This unique feature of the Chamber ensures that the air speed, temperature, humidity and CO₂ density,
is evenly distributed throughout the grow chamber.

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