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The AMAS Container Farm

Offers 63 m² growing capacity

The AMAS Container farm includes our unique AMAS Controller

Key benefits of an AMAS Container Farm

Low maintenance aeroponics system which can be optimised for any crop

Comes as a complete plug and play system

Completely transportable, can be located and relocated easily

No planning consent usually required

Containers are 40ft (12.2m x 2.44m) configurations

Can be shipped to almost any destination

What’s included within an AMAS Container Farm

Irrigation System

Automated Dosing Systems with PH Balance

Nutrient Reservoir Cooling System

UV Sterilisers

Active Oxygenation

Aeroponic Growing System

Climate Control

Full Ventilation/Air Exchange System with Optimised Air Flow

Air Filtration & UV Air Steriliser


Thermally Insulated

CO2 Injection

Control Systems

10 inch Touch Screen Display

Remote Control/Monitoring Software

Optimised Horticultural Lighting

Interior Work Lights

Mains Electronic Control & Safety Box

What can be grown in an AMAS Container Farm


Produce fresh, high quality microgreens in a climate controlled, low contamination environment.

Leafy Greens/Herbs

Our container farms are ideal for growing leafy greens, herbs as well as edible flowers of the best quality.

Specialists Crops

Leveraging agritech you can cultivate specialist plants and access unique markets.


By utilising our proprietary growing systems, you will be able to grow in all seasons.

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