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The AMAS Controller

The AMAS Controller is an unrivalled control system that enables you to interconnect all your cultivation related devices, in one controller.

Its unique software design delivers efficient control of various elements thereby providing
the means to set working strategies for all related agritech electronic devices as well as the
ability to manage, control and monitor them remotely around the world.

The AMAS Controller Interface

Custom Dashboards for Different Roles

The unique nature of the comprehensive controller enables us to deliver to producers
a complete planting-related growing plan, which includes climate control recipes, irrigation
and light strategies as well as aerodynamic strategies and nutrient recipes.

These can all be set up in advance and authorised for the facility owner.

Additionally, the controller provides precise control and the ability to provide different authorisation levels
to the managers and the growers, to manage and monitor equipment in different areas (rooms).

Strategies can be set up individually for each room’s climate/cultivation/nutrient recipe
according to grow stages and effective monitoring of the operation and equipment.

Remote Access & System Notice


The AMAS Controller also provides the ability to remotely monitor the plant condition
and equipment operation through a mobile phone or tablet,

The system actively monitors various functionality and sends a notification
(Alarm) if the equipment fails, to the authorised personnel.

Cloud-Edge-Device Collaboration

To provide even greater control and security, the AMAS controller synchronises with the Cloud.
This means that in the event that the device is disconnected from the network, the control unit
of the device can continue to function utilising the system memory. Once the network is restored,
the data will be synchronised to the cloud.

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