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Quite simply, our extensive experience within this sector is unrivalled.

From agritech through to vertical farm funding options as well  as renewable energy, our industry specialists are here to help.

Our team is able to offer comprehensive consultancy services, that encompass a number of key disciplines. This includes Controlled Environment Agriculture (CAE) as well as the unique ability to offer Funding and Finance for the vertical farming sector.

To elaborate further…

Vertical Farming Equipment
We are able to supply individual agritech equipment such as lighting, racking, control and HVAC and control systems.

Agritech Design, planning and IP service
With our unrivalled experience and knowledge within the sector, we are able to provide a bespoke design, consultancy and planning solution. Additionally we can deliver a unique service, your own IP. You design the equipment, we build it and YOU retain the IP.

Renewable Energy Solutions
We can design, plan and deliver renewable energy solutions as required

Offtaker Agreements
One of the biggest hurdles in agritech, is having the produce you produce purchased. Many who endeavour to invest time, money and effort into building this sustainable form of agriculture, often have no end user in place to purchase their produce. We can help. We have unrivalled expertise in this field and are able to provide you with a solution.

Growing Agreements

Finance and Funding Solutions
Unlike many equipment suppliers, we have a unique proposition. We offer finance and funding solutions that provide the opportunity to overcome that initial barrier to entry, capital cost. The expertise within our team, includes finance experts who have worked in C-level positions within some of the most respected banks and lending institutions in the world.

Installation & Servicing
We are able to offer a full installation and servicing/maintenance service through our own accredited and trusted partners.

Complete Software Solution
Within our range we offer the AMAS controller, which is included with all our range of products. However, the same system can be utilised as a standalone product which can be used for management and control of current equipment.

Vertical Farm Design

If you are considering a vertical farm project within an urban environment or possibly looking to convert an existing building, greenhouses or other forms of external buildings into a vertical farm, our design team is at your disposal.

We can provide a realistic, efficient and cost-effective turnkey solution.
This includes scale drawings, equipment listing, operating manuals and full costings enabling you to make an informed decision.

One of our key benefits is that if are considering offering a wide variety of produce, our systems offer multiple growing types utilising the very latest aeroponic systems

In short, we deliver everything you need to help you make the right choices.

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